Ways of making money online 

There are many ways of making money online,  although due to the high level of internet fraud and selfish bloggers who only care about making money by promoting fake get rich quick schemes, they’re only few  legitimate ways of making money online
I’ve been using the internet since I was about 14,  so I’ve experienced a lot of  things Online…. You really have to be careful and smart while working online because there are many people who’ll seize any opportunity to scam you.

Now let’s  get back to the point…. Here are a  few ways of making money online, I’ll start with what I do myself 

Level rewards

   This is one of the best & easiest way to earn a little cash,  some people do it and earn more than a grand,  Interesting,  isn’t it? 

After registering for  levelrewards
you’ll have to compete some offers, so you’ll gain credits which level you up,  then you get referrals and you’ve started earning

  •       Taking Surveys

This is one of the easiest ways of making money online because it doesn’t require investment of money, although you’ll need to invest your time to add some bucks to your savings….  It does not really pay much,  but it can be fun if it’s what you like……. Swagbucks is a good site for surveys from personal experience. Some good survey sites are listed below;











Teenseyes ; this is for teenagers. 13-18 years old …….

There are many more survey sites and you can check them up…..  But these ones mentioned are trusted because I’ve used some of them…  I’ll update the list if there’s a problem though…….

  •        Testing websites 

This is an easy way to add some extra cash to your savings. You’ll have to sign up to help companies know how customers use their site by navigating it, or help them test some of their apps.  I’ll recommend usertesting out of personal experience. They pay $10 a pop, and you’ll spend about 20 minutes testing the site or app. Some other sites are;

Amazon mechanical turk 

Analysia; You must have a microphone for your computer, to earn with Analysia, but the pay is good..